The Retro Rebounder


The Retro Rebounder is an amazing sleeper yoyo, made from 2mm non-corrugated cardboard and added metal nuts on the inside for extra weight, which returns to the hand by giving the string a small tug.

A sleeper yo-yo is when the yoyo is on the end of the string and spinning.

This DIY project is great for beginners trying to learn some basic yoyo tricks.

You can stylize it with 6 beautiful retro designs also included in the download, or simply paint it the way you want!

Download includes:
– PDF template file
– PDF vector template file


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Step into the mesmerizing world of retro coolness as you journey back in time with the sensational sleeper yoyo – The Retro Rebounder!

Handcrafted from noncorrugated cardboard and fitted with six simple metal nuts, the Retro Rebounder is an extraordinary sleeper yoyo that gracefully returns to your hand with a gentle tug of the string, making it perfect for learning some cool yoyo tricks.

With this easily downloadable PDF template, you’ll soon become a DIY superstar! Simply print it out or deftly laser-cut it (at 330 mm/m, 3.3W, and 3 passes for optimal results on a 5.5W laser), follow the step-by-step video guide bellow, and voilà – you’ll possess a one-way ticket to retro yoyo heaven!

Unearth the joy of creating timeless memories with your friends, kids, or parents as you embark on the groovy adventure of building your very own Retro Rebounder. This timeless yoyo captivates hearts of all ages, from little ones to the young-at-heart!

But the Retro Rebounder is more than just a yoyo; it’s a mesmerizing time-traveling sensation that’ll have you swaying to the twist, shimmying to the shake, and hustling with irresistible grooviness, all at once! Picture yourself in those funky tunes, adorned with vintage shades, showcasing your masterful Retro Rebounder skills! Prepare to be the talk of the town and the envy of all your friends.


Before you dive headfirst into this groovy project, since it is merely a delightful DIY endeavor, I cannot guarantee the yoyo’s performance as it depends on various factors! It SHOULD work if you execute the construction with sufficient precision. If it doesn’t, experiment with slightly different materials and designs. Embrace the endeavor of making it work as part of the journey!

Alrighty then, with that being uttered, snatch your PDF blueprint now and embark on a journey to become the ultimate retro trendsetter! Embrace the charm of yesteryears as the future (or well, past, actually) of yoyoing awaits you!

Now, let the fun-filled creation commence!